Impact of Policies for Plagiarism in Higher Education across Europe

Project Results

EU-wide summary of findings

D2-3-00 EU IPPHEAE CU Survey EU-wide report

National reports

D2-3-01 AT IPPHEAE CU Survey austria

D2-3-02 BE EX IPPHEAE CU Survey Belgium Exec Summary

D2-3-02 BE RT IPPHEAE CU Survey BelgiumNarrative

D2-3-03 BG EX IPPHEAE CU Survey Bulgaria Exec Summary

D2-3-03 BG RT IPPHEAE CU Survey BulgariaNarrative

D2-3-04 CY EX IPPHEAE Survey+CyprusNarrative v4 (final)

D2-3-04 CY RT IPPHEAE+UNIC+Survey+CyprusNarrative v4 (final)

D2-3-05 CZ IPPHEAE MENDELU Survey CzechNarrative FINAL

D2-3-06 DE EX IPPHEAE CU Survey Germany Exec Summary

D2-3-06 DE RT IPPHEAE CU Survey GermanyNarrative

D2-3-07 DK IPPHEAE_Survey DenmarkNarrative

D2-3-08 EE EX IPPHEAE ASU Survey EstoniaNarrative

D2-3-08 EE RT IPPHEAE ASU Survey EstoniaNarrative

D2-3-09 ES IPPHEAE MENDELU Survey SpainNarrative FINAL

D2-3-10 FI EX IPPHEAE CU Survey Finland Exec Summary

D2-3-10 FI RT IPPHEAE CU Survey FinlandNarrative

D2-3-11 FR EX IPPHEAE CU Survey France Exec Summary

D2-3-11 FR RT IPPHEAE CU Survey FranceNarrative

D2-3-12 GR EX IPPHEAE+UNIC+Survey+HellenicNarrative v.6 (final)

D2-3-12 GR RT IPPHEAE+UNIC+Survey+HellenicNarrative v.6 (final)

D2-3-13 HU EX IPPHEAE CU Survey Hungary Exec Summary

D2-3-13 HU RT IPPHEAE CU Survey HungaryNarrative

D2-3-14 IE EX IPPHEAE CU Survey Ireland Exec Summary

D2-3-14 IE RT IPPHEAE CU Survey IrelandNarrative

D2-3-15 IT IPPHEAE CD Survey Italy Narrative

D2-3-15 IT RT IPPHEAE CD Survey Italy Narrative

D2-3-16 LT EX IPPHEAE ASU Survey Lithuania

D2-3-16 LT RT IPPHEAE ASU Survey Lithuania

D2-3-17 LU EX IPPHEAE CU Survey Luxembourg Exec Summary

D2-3-17 LU RT IPPHEAE CU Survey LuxembourgNarrative

D2-3-18 LV EX IPPHEAE ASU Survey Latvia

D2-3-18 LV RT IPPHEAE ASU Survey Latvia

D2-3-19 MT IPPHEAE CU Survey Malta Narrative

D2-3-19 MT RT IPPHEAE CU Survey Malta Narrative

D2-3-20 NL IPPHEAE Survey Holland Narrative

D2-3-21 PL IPPHEAE CU Survey Poland Narrative

D2-3-22 PT IPPHEAE CU Survey Portugal Narrative

D2-3-23 RO IPPHEAE CU Survey Romania Narrative

D2-3-24 SE EX IPPHEAE CU Survey Sweden Exec Summary

D2-3-24 SE RT IPPHEAE CU Survey SwedenNarrative

D2-3-25 SL EX IPPHEAE+UNIC+Survey+SloveniaNarrative v1 (2)

D2-3-25 SL RT IPPHEAE+UNIC+Survey+SloveniaNarrative v1 (2)

D2-3-26 SK IPPHEAE MENDELU Survey SlovakiaNarrative FINAL

D2-3-27 UK EX IPPHEAE CU Survey UK Exec Summary Oct2013

D2-3-27 UK RT IPPHEAE CU Survey UKNarrativeOct2013

About case studies

The following IPPHEAE project case studies are awaiting publication in journals, but copies are available on request for interested parties, for further information, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Case Study 01 Evaluation of ANTON implementation
Case study 02 Evaluation of holistic Policy Review at a UK university
Case study 03 Implementation of a Good Academic Practice Quiz
Case Study 04 Policies for plagiarism in a distance learning institution
Case Study 05 Critique of Anti-Plagiarism software
Case study 06 Comparison of two Estonian universities
Case Study 07 Evaluation of plagiarism workshops
Case Study 08 Student views on plagiarism
Case study 09 Plagiarism policies in Slovakia
Case study 11 Plagiarism Policies in Lithuania

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