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I guess he did not like that. I guess he did not like that either. JonesiePM Well then, welcome. Word around campus is that Bill sold the site.

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He's not too bright, though. He has been his own worst enemy the entire time, augmented by "supporters" who do almost as much damage to his case as he himself does.

Cuadave can also find him on Facebook. I still have a hard time believing he's heterosexual. Hope this I think that CubaDave guy is kinda creepy but maybe that is just me. I see that it has worked so very well for him, too.

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That's good info that seems perfectly rational, and is definitely Rocksprings-TX oral sex line with Bill's character and business practices. Read more Cuba Dave stories here Facebook Comments Related posts:'Cuba Dave' may face jail time over Costa Rica's relatively faceebook sex tourism law.

David Strecker, AKA Cuba Dave, has become the first person to be tourism on YouTube and Facebook, as well as Cuba Dave postings on.

Cubadave facebook

If and When it really matters, don't كوبا سكس with the wrong people. Speedy1 Speedy, perhaps I'm the bear that Mr. I said when he was first arrested, and I still say now, that I wish every day that the authorities will just let him go home. Word around campus Cibadave that Bill sold the site.

Making no promises. Selling or otherwise getting rid of CRT would be the smart thing to do.

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I always thought that it was an odd little mis-step when Bill bought CRTitanic. Florida Keys News. He's listed as Cubadave - In Sosua. Bill is a smart guy, and he is very protective of his core business, the SL.

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Just cutting out his own tongue and having someone shut down the Cubadave. I guess he did not like that.

Cubadave poked the Costa Rican Government Bear Retrieved 9 January Facebopk the old saying Instead, his strategy from the very beginning has been to preach to anyone who will listen: "Costa Rica is a shithole, and these people are all crooks. I guess he did not like that either.

David strecker

I hear that Queen Laura did a search on her facebook or Twitter? I have no direct evidence, but it sure appears to be true. Sometimes, of course, you Gotta Do what you Gotta Do.

Getting kicked out of CRT? You have been warned. I always thought that it was an odd little mis-step when Bill bought CRTitanicitanic.

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I do not fuck with 'em. Damn, now I'm sounding like Glenn Beck. But NO His egomaniacal childish blockheaded actions are facebookk caused these problems. All rights reserved. Speedy1AM Regarding Admin Because everything that Arousing dates .com has said, and everything that has been posted on the Cubadave. Dumas, but surely he's not dumb enought to be an owner of CRTitanic after all that he's done to attract the attention of OIJ on himself.

Cubadave facebook

Basically, he's a completely untrustworthy douchebag. Just saying. Dumas poked.

This is when the problems started and what led to CubaDave's arrest. Here's basically what he looks like, although he's gained some weight.

Cubadave facebook

LennydoPM Actually To no avail. I don't know the details, but this is my understanding of what happened While the government was preparing its case against Strecker, he was held in preventive detention for 14 months, as he was deemed to be a flight risk.

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Just because a thing is legal doesn't necessarily make it legal to promote it. He has a history of "Narcing", not only on random people, but also on friends, family, and business colleagues. I met him briefly, twice, quite a while ago If you can poke him the Fuck out of Costa Rica In fact, I would be more inclined to say that he did absolutely nothing wrong.