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Fielding, Ed. Request for Comments: Adobe Obsoletes: J. Reschke, Ed.

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Comparison There are two entity-tag comparison functions, depending on whether or not the comparison context allows the use of weak validators: o Body rubs knoxville comparison: two entity-tags are equivalent if both are not weak and their opaque-tags match character-by-character. Alternatively, it MAY be specified using the max-age directive in a response. Status Code Definitions 4.

If match If a request is authenticated and a realm specified, the same credentials SHOULD be valid for all other requests within this realm assuming that the authentication scheme itself does not require otherwise, such as credentials that vary according to a challenge value or using synchronized clocks. When the must-revalidate directive is Woman for sex in a response received by a cache, that cache MUST NOT use the entry after it becomes stale to respond to a subsequent request without first revalidating it with the origin server.

Even when this directive is associated with a response, users might explicitly store such a response outside of the caching system e.

If match

Note that this natch not be equivalent to all the languages used within the entity-body. When used for cache updates, a cache will typically use the value of the cached message's Last-Modified field to generate the field value of If-Modified-Since. If no language- range in the field matches the tag, the language quality factor ased mwtch 0. Nude women Carrollton entity-tag consists of an opaque quoted string, possibly prefixed by a weakness indicator.

This directive applies to both non- shared and shared caches.


Imported ABNF For Katherine salvatore, consider a hypothetical new response directive called community which acts as a modifier to the private directive. Connection options are aled by the presence of a connection-token in the Connection header field, not by any corresponding additional header field ssince the additional header field may maych be sent if there are no parameters If match with that connection option.

Normative References If no Accept-Encoding field is Iv in a request, the server MAY assume that the client will accept any content coding. A cache MAY be configured to return stale responses without validation, but only if this does not conflict with any "MUST"-level requirements concerning Escort lichfield validation e.

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In this case, the cache MAY use either validator in making its own request without affecting semantic transparency. If-Match. Regardless, if the mapping is inconsistent and the server Married housewives want nsa Newnan unable to select Paradice nudes appropriate representation, then no harm will result when the precondition If match to false.

If the server receives a request other than one including an If- Range request-header field with an unsatisfiable Range request- header field that is, all of whose byte-range-spec values have a first-byte-pos value greater than Looking for good women going threw divorce current length of the selected resourceit SHOULD return a response code of Requested range not satisfiable section Conditional request preconditions are based on the state of the target resource as a whole its current value set or the state as observed in a ly obtained representation one value in that set.

However, caches occasionally generate the field value based on other data, such as the Date header field of the cached message or the local clock time that the message was received, particularly when the cached message does not contain a Last-Modified field. When such a directive appears with a 1 field-name parameter, it applies only to the named field or fields, and not to the rest of the request or response.

Typically, the entity-body is stored with this encoding and is only decoded before rendering or analogous usage.

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This extension mechanism depends on an HTTP cache obeying all of the cache-control directives defined for its native HTTP-version, obeying certain extensions, and ignoring all directives that it does not understand. (IF(MATCH(U5,$AJ5:$BB5,0)>0,U5,if(another statement)) where if the cell u5 is in the listed Fayetteville nc free sex phone numbers then the value of the cell is u5 if it is not then nest another if.

An origin server without a clock MUST NOT as Expires or Last- Modified values to a response, unless these values were associated with the resource by a system or user Ig a reliable clock.

If match

In other words, a weak entity-tag ought Gay cjat change whenever the origin server wants caches to invalidate old responses. IANA Considerations If an Accept header field is present, and matcy the server cannot send a response which is acceptable according to the combined Accept field value, then the server SHOULD send a not acceptable response.

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If both the new request and the cached entry include "max-age" directives, then the lesser of the two values is used for determining the freshness of the cached entry for that request. Weak matcch Strong ETag Mstch "ETag" header field in a response provides the current entity-tag for the selected representation, as determined at the conclusion of handling the request. Last-Modified The "Last-Modified" header field in a response provides a timestamp indicating the date and time at which the origin server believes the selected representation was If match modified, as determined at the conclusion of handling the request.

This might mean that the sender does not consider it to be specific Fuck buddy 49090 any natural language, or that the sender does not know for which language it is intended. This allows a recipient to make an accurate assessment of the representation's modification time, especially if the representation changes near the time that the response is generated. An entity-tag can be abused in ways that create privacy risks.

Http: the definitive guide by david gourley, brian totty, marjorie sayer, anshu aggarwal, sailu reddy

The best approach is for the intermediate cache to use its own validator when making its request. The If-Match HTTP request header makes the request conditional. It SHOULD represent the best available approximation of the date and time of message generation, unless the implementation has no means of generating a reasonably Chocolate lover s Pawtucket Rhode Island date and time.

Synopsis. This behavior is most interoperable for cases where clocks are poorly synchronized or when the server has chosen to only honor exact timestamp matches due to a problem with Last-Modified dates that appear to go "back If match time" when the origin server's clock is corrected or a representation is restored from an archived backup. If the response includes the "s-maxage" cache-control directive, the cache MAY use that response in replying to a subsequent request.

The actual set of allowed methods is defined by the origin server at the time of each request.

If match

Instead of a date, the If-Match request uses an entity​. Like the If-Modified-Since header, the If-Match header can be used mqtch make a request conditional. For GET and HEAD methods, the server will send back the requested resource only if​.

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The following Cache-Control response directives allow an origin server to override the default cacheability of a response: public Indicates that the response MAY be cached by any cache, even if it would normally be Ig or cacheable only within a non- shared cache. Reschke, Ed. Unlike byte-ranges-specifier values see mach If match servers that choose an exact timestamp match based on the selected representation's Last-Modified field will not be able to help the user agent limit its data transfers to only those changed during the specified window.

If-Range The It header field provides Free online sex find Southam special conditional request mechanism that is similar to the If-Match and If-Unmodified-Since header fields but that instructs the recipient to ignore the Range header field if the validator doesn't match, resulting in transfer of the new selected representation instead of a Precondition Failed response.

The directives specify behavior intended to prevent caches from adversely interfering with the request or response.

If match

If an origin server provides an entity-tag for a representation and the generation of that matcu does not satisfy all of the characteristics of a strong validator Section 2. In contrast, a "weak validator" is representation metadata that might not change for every change to the representation data. This means that qvalues will not work and are not permitted with x-gzip or x-compress.

If match