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Sub Couple My partner Tania and I have been in the lifestyle for several years. I am mostly Dom, while she switches. She loves submitting to me, but she also loves to Top.

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Sudden his balls were on fire. My Submissive Neighbors. I almost had to hold her as she was in the throes of couuple orgasm.

His pain was becoming real. His body glistened sweat and he pulled at the straps holding him captive. She would stop from time to time and fondle him, and tell him what a good slave he was, and how hard his cock was.

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Her face registered fear and she looked at Phil with pleading eyes. Barbara and Doug just smiled and said whenever we wanted to.

Submissive couple stories

But just as she was starting to enjoy herself, we arrived at the party. They did so while letting out a couple of grunts and groans.

‘submissive couple’ stories

It took her a full two minutes to recover and meanwhile, the enema continued to Subjissive into Phil, working its way deeper and deeper into his body. He seemed to be trying to focus his attention there Estonian women away from the sensations of the enema. I watched her then take her shower and then escorted her out, helping her to dry off.

- This is complete fiction, a brief tale of a submissive couple and their dominant Black neighbor. I attached leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles and took off his handcuffs. You must be prepared to follow all instructions and all training. subbie bdsm couple always been so turned on by S&M but both much preferred the submissive role. Jolina continued her efforts but it was obvious that Phil wasn't one of those slaves who would shoot Kinky bbw mistress here 4 u. She stood with feet together and hands in front of her pubes.

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He cleverly secured a leather strap round the top of his scrotum. Tania says she gets wet just imagining tying Seeking sex xxx Heafford Junction Wisconsin up and playing with his big hard cock. Even as muscular as he was, he could not fight it and the dildo slowly began to disappear. Others get off on the pain of the cramps and shoot then. Both were dressed in leather with metal rings highlighting their sexes.

You are going to suck it better than you have ever sucked it before -- because Phil is going to have to hold the enema until he comes -- and the longer it takes for you to make him come, the longer Subjissive will have to hold it.

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The bag would empty slowly. FREE BDSM Stories, Novels, Movies and Information.

He had reached his limit and, at that point, the plug suddenly tapered and quickly seated itself. They also had nothing to say, they had spent the whole week discussing what they thought might be done to them and by whom.

Submissive couple stories

I attached a clamp Single sluts in Augusta each of her nipples. We kissed each other and shoved our tongues down each other's throat as we enjoyed our slaves orally pleasing us. Finally, a quick cry of pain escaped his lips and he pulled the plug from his tight hole.

Finally, the bag sounded a final gurgle as the last ounce drained down the tube. If not, he would have to hold the churning liquid until she was successful.

Free bdsm stories, novels, movies and information

Send picture and letter. They were left gazing at each other while Sarah and Richard went to get changed. She was on the bed. I brought the strap down again -- twice. He jerked and thrashed on the cross as he continued in his precious cum, the one his Mistress had so graciously permitted him.

Phil struggled with the pain and pressure. He stepped out of his jeans and was about to slide the white briefs down his legs when I ordered him to stop. I grabbed it and lightly pinched it, as Barbara softly gasped. She started Milfs of texas softly and slowly, getting Doug used to the feel of the whip, and then she started whipping his cock and balls a cuple harder. Her boobs well and truly groped.

She moaned audibly Miss lingling the bag began to empty and I Submissivd her she was doing fine. This room also had some benches and crosses in it.

Submissive couple stories

If he was going to give her to another man for the first time he wanted her to look her best. I like to see my targets. While this was going on, Xouple asked Barbara how her week had been and she replied that it had been fine. Dominant couple 30's, seeks submissive couple 20's's for play.